What matters

Strategic and communicative excellence is crucial for leaders in top management in business and politics. It is essential for personal and corporate success. With precise and professional preparation, decisive leadership impetus can be consciously and purposefully brought about, shaped, and utilized.

The senior consultants at KAIROS CEO-Consulting are independent and always honest, personal sparring partners for top managers throughout their entire career, from starting a position, through the development and implementation of a CEO agenda, to the departure from top management positions and the transition to new tasks.


KAIROS develops personal positioning, elaborates and supports strategy processes for top executives, advises in crisis situations, and works with clients specifically on media appearances and strategic rhetoric.

What makes us unique: The starting point of our consulting is always the personality who is in charge of an institution.


KAIROS consultants have been working closely with CEOs, board members, managing directors, and top politicians for many years. They are familiar with the challenging world of top management and corporate governance from a wide variety of perspectives.

KAIROS only develops tailor-made solutions. The partners always provide their clients with personal, reliable, and discreet support.


Our head office is in Frankfurt am Main. The KAIROS partners also have offices in Munich, Stuttgart, and Berlin. But no matter where you contact us from – we will come to you personally.

Find out more about our partners and our consulting approach here.