A corporate strategy is usually very complex. It must illuminate many dimensions of the company’s development. When communicated by the CEO, however, a strategy must be clear, precise, and comprehensible. 

KAIROS develops and creates a comprehensive CEO agenda for you. And also takes into account the challenges of communicating to all stakeholder groups – from the supervisory board to executives and the media.

KAIROS provides you with conceptual advice and also supports you in the implementation of creative and captivating communication.


Professional and credible personal positioning is the basis for your own communication in top management. The profile you have with your most important stakeholders is decisive for your assertiveness and often for your future career.

The KAIROS partners work with you to develop impressive positioning that matches your personal ambitions and your business strategy. We not only work with you to develop your personal target image – with our many years of experience as managers, entrepreneurs, and communication professionals, we also accompany you in a targeted and pragmatic way on your way there.


The cause of the crisis itself is rarely decisive for its course. Rather, the primary element is usually how top managers react to a crisis. First and foremost, it is important to protect the reputation of a company, its employees, and the management board.

The mechanics of public opinion always work according to fixed rules in times of crisis. You should know them and know how to deal with them. At KAIROS, experienced communicators and journalists are at your side in a crisis. They will ensure that your response to a crisis is the result of professional and resilient strategic communication.


It is always a challenge for top managers to engage in discourse in front of cameras. This is because journalists are often masters of the art of interviewing.

KAIROS media training puts you on an equal footing with journalists. The coaching focuses on rhetorical strategies, comprehensible content, and working on your personal performance. This allows you to use and operate the mechanics of public opinion professionally and consciously in talk shows, interviews, and statements.


Effective leadership requires awareness and a stage. Successful leaders bring their personality and life experiences into congruence with their new role and new tasks. They are clearly positioned and able to communicate with their stakeholders.

KAIROS accompanies you into your new top management role. And then conceptualizes and designs the stages on which your leadership impact can unfold – offsites, leadership conferences, supervisory board meetings, townhalls, capital market days, annual general meetings, employee meetings, and in public media.


Leadership cannot be successful with boardroom presentations and PowerPoints alone. Those who rely solely on figures, data, and facts are failing to exploit the great potential of modern media diversity. Successful leadership therefore also consciously and consistently relies on emotional visualization and highly professional branding.

The KAIROS creative team designs all formats for highly professional visualization of strategies and messages – from CEO presentations and animations to video and film – always with creative standards that set benchmarks at top management level.


Those who find the right words at the right time in the right formats can shape and form public opinion at an early stage. Be it in concise specialist articles, stirring guest commentaries, major speeches, explanatory non-fiction books, or very personal biographies.

At KAIROS, experienced journalists accompany you as ghostwriters.